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From joint thinking to implementation.

There is an increasingly strong tendency for private individuals with no commercial background or experience to try themselves in the world of online trading, either full-time or alongside their work. Did you know yourself? Then you need our solution. We will be there for you step by step, in every task, we will discuss the technical and legal tasks and challenges and we will do them together, and together we will be happy to be your first customer.


Topics covered in the consultation:

– Is starting an online store right for you? We’re going to talk quite a bit here.
– Market research, product range, purchasing channels, dropshipping
– Legal terms, GTC, data protection topics
– Payment methods, card-accepting partners, subscription model
– Parcel delivery, partners, fullfilment service providers
– Listing, price comparison sites, Google Shopping, Product Finder and others
– Selection of webshop engine, technical possibilities and limitations
– Discussing individual developments as required
– Purchase of a domain address, selection of suitable hosting
– Perfect correspondence setting, newsletter
– Offline and online marketing
– Search optimization, analytics
– Customer management, setting up a customer service system
– Writing and managing posts
– Marketing management, promotional opportunities
– Cost planning, expected technical, legal and marketing costs


What do you do without your own product? Solution: dropshipping

Do you also want to become an online retailer, but you don’t know which products to start with? We say that you sell best to people who look like you.

Therefore, deal with topics that interest you, you have some understanding of them, you can talk about them. You don’t need to have your own product, we help you look around the dropshipping market.

Dropshipping is the business model where, as a webshop operator, you do not have to deal with the products and logistics, but all of this is handled by wholesale partners who are connected to you by a dropshipping service provider. So you have to deal with the management of your business, marketing and customers. This makes it easier for you to get started and learn, with less cost and risk.


Is it still worth starting an online store?

If your desire brought you to this page, then by all means! Maybe there is a product that you believe in, that has worked really well for you, and you want to sell it too. Or you make it yourself and are thinking about starting an online store in connection with its sale.

You could also see how big the web trades have been in the last year. The big ones grew even bigger and yes, many small ones started too. You must have thought that this would work for you too. And why not?

Well, let the facts speak for themselves.
– In recent years, the turnover of webshops operated by private individuals has increased by 76% during BlackFriday (Shopify data)
– The average basket value in America was $70.65. It is similar at home, approx. The same is around HUF 20,000.
– According to data from Germany, 50-65% of customers prefer and support small and independent retailers with purchases.
So these options are open to you!
Especially since the trend is showing that buyers are starting to get a little fed up with large marketplaces and collection sites, and they need more human buying processes instead of complete automation. 1 to 1 phone call after a purchase works wonders. We will teach you such delicacies.


How much does it cost?

We offer several collaborative business models. You can also pay a larger amount, or you can choose a lower initial cost in exchange for a commission from your traffic. You know which one is worth it for you.
The basic costs that must be taken into account (domain, hosting, licenses, etc.) are approximately HUF 100-200,000. The rest will be carefully negotiated.


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